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Todd Iskra

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Hailing from a musical family, Todd has been surrounded by music since the day he was born. His father was a working musician, and some of his fondest memories of his early childhood include band practice, playing "name that tune" and Saturdays spent moving musical equipment for "dad's gig".

After dabbling with the acoustic guitar at the age of eight, Todd took a brief hiatus from music to spend time playing organized sports. Still an avid lover of all sports, Todd realized at a young age that sports were a temporary thing "you could do when you're young", but music you can create and perform your whole life. At the age of fifteen Todd decided to get back into music and bought his first bass guitar...this would be the beginning of a long journey.

At the age of nineteen, Todd met Steve Harrington and the two of them formed a long-lasting musical relationship that continues to thrive today. Their relationship is in fact stronger than ever.

Todd has always had a strong interest in progressive bands ranging from Dream Theater to Queensryche to Niacin. Pure music has always been the forefront to Todd's ideology, and the orchestrations of progressive music have always intrigued him. Todd finds true freedom writing with Brainard Project and see's a relationship with the other band members, lasting a lifetime.

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