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"I remember I picked up a guitar to just noodle around and everyone told me I should play" Steve Harrington said while reminiscing about his late teen years. Steve grew up listening closely to Rush's albums "Caress of Steel", "Hemispheres" and "2112". Learning word for word all the concept albums lyrics, he studied the music in depth and realized there was something more to this music than your average radio chatter.

Steve served in the United States Marine Corps, and played guitar every chance he got. "I remember listening to Rush's album "Signals" through my headphones, and hearing some sargeant down the hall scream at some guy. I thought...hey man!!! You're ruining my song".

As the mid 80's approached Steve grew fond of guitarists Kirk Hammett, John Petrucci and Yngwie Malmsteen. Hard rock and heavy metal became a steady diet for Steve as he drifted from band to band.

Years later Steve and Todd Iskra formed the band "Asylum". Asylum's music was heavy and intricate. Steve was the main vocalist sounding much like Rob Helford. Asylum toured around for a while and broke up in the late 90's.

Steve's musical touch was growing at a rapid pace by the end of the late 90's. Then he discovered drummer Pete Privitere. "I invited him over, and once I saw him play, I knew I had to form a band with him. I hadn't really planned on forming a band until that point".

Steve is very optimistic on the bands future and hopes to create another album. He continues playing daily honing his skills.

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