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At the age of eleven Pete Privitere was taught by his father, Fred, how to play the famous drum oriented song "Wipe Out". Once age fifteen rolled around Pete was heavily influenced by Neil Peart's style and authority on the drums. Pete believes that his total drumming interest got it's kick-start after his father purchased him the "Work In Progress" video starring drum master Neil Peart, released in 1996. It wasn't long before Pete was introduced to King Crimson's album "Thrak". This album led Pete's musical style into a new realm. Bill Bruford's ability was a key to the development of his style and feel on drums and percussive instruments.

Around the age of twenty Pete's thirst for original progressive music was uncontrollable, and Pete set out to find these special types of musicians. "It's a real challenge to find people able to play this style of music, let alone be totally willing to dedicate the time and effort to complete and master such things".

With multiple bands and little satisfaction, a dream was answered in February of 2006. "Not only did I meet two amazing musicians, I met two truly great friends".

As the tape rolled and the ideas flowed, Brainard Project began to complete it's album "Sonic Stew". "Every step of the way, usually only acomplishing about fifteen seconds a practice, was enjoyable. It's not the destination, it's the journey".

Pete, as well as the other band member's, plan to complete a second album in the near future. Pete eagerly awaits the new hurdles to overcome for the second project, but insists that the most important thing to come out of this long journey is the two very close friends he has made.

More of Pete's video tutorials can be found HERE.


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